Hello, I'm Ashley!
Welcome to my travel consulting business, The Traveling Mama!

Hello there! I'm a proud mom of four hailing from Michigan. My journey includes almost 18 wonderful years of marriage to my high school sweetheart, and together, we've been blessed with four amazing kids. Our hearts beat as one when we're hanging out, enjoying the great outdoors, and, of course, embarking on exciting travel adventures!

In our family, we've discovered that the magic of bonding truly unfolds when we venture beyond the comfort of home, leaving behind the everyday stresses that can sometimes distract us. Travel has become our special time to be together, free from interruptions, indulging in activities we love, and embracing the chance to try new things. It's our recipe for creating cherished memories and strengthening the ties that bind us as a family!

That's the inspiration behind The Traveling Mama! As a mom, I'm all about spreading the love for quality time among couples and families. Being a travel consultant fills my heart with joy, knowing that I can assist families in crafting memories that will be cherished forever. I'm eager to team up with you and your family to tailor-make a vacation that's uniquely yours and ready to be savored!